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When 11-years-old Helen Keller was accused of Plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a vice. It actually plagues many lives with stress, headache and terror to write anything again. There are both types of people, those who copy paste their article, dissertation, and thesis from internet and those who make every effort to be original but accused of plagiarism because crore of people have written unmeasurable content till date. I had the occasions when some students asked my advice on their articles which were wholly copy pasted from law blogs even they did not remove ad links. It can make angry to anyone if any person just steals the hard work of others and paste their name on it. I have also seen many websites whose content have much similarities to the content of other websites. Sometimes, for instant publication, students copy the matter from other website without reference and send it to publication, and wonder of mine that those websites (to whom they sent) also publish their articles. Even the popular law blogs do such things. But sometimes, m
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Why no movie could show the same story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’?

    Real Alice who inspired the story of Alice in wonderland From the time of its release, the novel ‘Alice of Wonderland’ saw many adaptions, illustration, inspiration of itself. There are many animation movies on it from the time 1951 to 2010. Many painters painted their imaginary wonderland in their paintings and exhibited to the world. Same as them, Illustrators drew wonderland according to their imagination and after taking inspiration from the original illustration of wonderland which is in Lewis Caroll’s original copy. Not only movies were made on the novel but also the name of Alice and wonderland was used as an inspiration to many creations including novels, TV series, movies. May be if human reach at other planet and find life, we will start to give them name after ‘Alice in Wonderland’, like as ‘We reached at wonderland’.  A painting inspired from depiction of White rabbit and rabbit hole Why no movie could depict the same story of novel? There are many movies but no